Super happy new year, everyone!

New year, new approach.

In an effort to be ever more vulnerable and honest and ask for what I need form the universe, I made a Patreon Campaign.

It’s a platform for ongoing support and direct connection.  Sort of like Kickstarter of Gofundme, but ongoing, like a magazine subscription.

Okay, so here’s how Patreon works

I’ve set up various tiers of support, ranging from $1-$50/month, which will get you rewards and opportunities. The higher your support level, the more stuff you will get and have access to.  This is not like Kickstarter or Gofundme where you make a 1-time contribution for a single project.  This is a recurring monthly donation to directly support the ongoing work of artists that you enjoy or believe in.This basically is a subscription-based service and as such, you can opt out at any point, for any reason, and I will still love you.
Your card or account will be automatically billed at the beginning of every month, at the amount that you set.  After processing fees, the money that you send me will go directly into my studio practice and related expenses (materials, tools, submission fees for exhibitions, domain name registration, storage of finished work, printing zines, saving/planning for larger-budget-based projects, etc.)
I have decided to charge monthly, instead of “per item” because I do a lot of different things, and plan on posting updates and content of some kind several times each month. 🙂
If you would like to just make a one-time donation: