Name Change – Rain Lucien Matheke

New year, new approach.

In an effort to promote my own self love and self care, I am dropping the name David, and taking the name that I chose for myself in my childhood, Rain

I am slowly phasing out all things “David / däv / D.”  It’s okay if you call me that out of habit for a while, as I know this is a change for everyone who’s known me, but I ask that you please make the effort.  As you (probably already know) I prefer she/her pronouns. I am hoping to update all my urls and contact emails soon (here, Patreon, etc.) and I will be making the name change legal as soon as I am able.

Please consider donating to my Patreon Campaign.  If you like my work, this is a direct way to help me sustain my studio practice and related expenses (submission fees, storage unit, materials, etc.)  I offer some fun rewards and love in exchange for support, which starts as low as just $1/month.  You can see works in progress, as well as gain insight into my process and my studio, as well as see finished work before it gets added here (and much that doesn’t)

Thank you for your time, I love you,