Infusions 2018 rewards tier added to Patreon

I will mail you an original 4×6″ photograph from my “Infusions 2018” documentation series.  After the year is over, I will mail you a postcard once a month with an image of mine on it.  Once the final “Infusions 2018” zine is finished, I’ll mail you a copy of that as well. Plus everything the $5 tier receives.

For the year 2018, I am bringing a disposable camera with me to my infusion every month.  I will be developing each roll of film, getting 2-3 sets of photos each time.  I will be selecting the strongest images from each month to alter/embellish in some way, and then the plan is to get them all framed and exhibit the body of work sometime in 2019.  I will also be making a zine with selected images.  I will mail you one of the original photographs each month until the project is completed.  After that time, I’ll make an edition of postcards each month featuring images of mine and mail those to you for as long as you remain in this tier.